Busting some myths about wisdom teeth removal

Check out this article that we recently read from The American Journal of Public Health, T. B. Dodson MYTHBUSTERS AND WISDOM TEETH Am J Public Health, April 1, 2008; 98(4): 581 – 582. Thomas B. Dodson, DMD, MPH, discusses some myths about wisdom teeth.

  1. Third molars have a high incidences of pathology.
  2. The removal of third molars is not as traumatic at a younger age.
  3. He agrees that wisdom teeth causes crowding of anterior teeth is a myth.
  4. There is a increased risk of pathology in impacted wisdom teeth with age.
  5. Oral and facial surgeons are aware of risks after wisdom teeth removal and don’t take it lightly.

You can see the full article at The American Journal of Public Health.