Do I have to get my wisdom teeth extracted?

It is almost impossible to determine if you should have your wisdom teeth removed without a thorough exam. If your wisdom teeth are unable to erupt properly, they will most likely be recommended for extraction. The teeth may be angled in a way (sideways or backward) that could cause problems in the future. Also, the size of your jaw may not have sufficient space for a third set of molars.

Wisdom teeth can also be partially or completely covered by gum tissue and bone. This is known as impaction and can put you at a risk for infections, cysts, and possible jaw bone damage. Even wisdom teeth that grow in properly may be recommended for removal because they can be difficult to keep healthy. Being in the rear of the mouth, your wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean and floss and are often infected by tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Most people don’t look forward to getting their wisdom teeth removed. There are many myths and horror stories out there that it can be difficult to know what to do. Luckily, you can have your wisdom teeth removed in Provo without any of these horrors. Our doctors have dual degrees and all the experience necessary to relieve you from your fears.