I apologize for walking…

By July 9, 2014Reviews

I apologize for walking out of your office today without thanking you for what you are doing for me. If you only knew that you are part of this magnificent plan God has put in place to bless my life and to let me know that He is watching over me.

Being the receiver is sometimes much harder than being the giver. Thank you so much for being part of this lesson for me. Your generosity and kindness are much appreciated and considered as another one of God’s tender mercies in my life.

Thank you for taking the time to explain what will happen with my tooth. I’ve had some very painful experiences in the past with unskilled dentists which left me with some residual anxiety. Talking with you today, I felt assured that God had given you the skills and caring to take care of my tooth needs, and for this, I am very grateful!

I know it’s not an emergency, but I don’t have time for emergencies in my life right now! I’m constantly reminded to get my ducks in a row; well, this is one of my ducks.

I thank you and your staff for being sensitive and caring for my needs. I find it amazing that you would do this for a person you had never met (until today) and isn’t related to you! That tells me a lot about your character.

Again, I express my tremendous gratitude for your generous kindness on my behalf! You are an amazing person! May God bless you for your charity.