Wisdom Teeth Removal in Payson UT: Merri’s Sons

By July 21, 2017Reviews

“We came to see Dr. Park because my boys needed to get their wisdom teeth out, and their dentist encouraged us to get it done. I wasn’t too nervous about them getting their wisdom teeth done. People had talked about how great Dr. Park was, so we were comfortable coming here and having him help us. The procedures went really well, and Dr. Park in Payson, UT, was very thorough beforehand and after hand to explain what happened and how they did, and they monitored them the whole time. We were really pleased. They called the next day and checked in us and wanted to make sure my sons were doing alright. I was really impressed with them. I would definitely refer any friends and their kids to Dr. Park. I thought he was fabulous. He took really good care of both of my sons and couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Merri