Wisdom Teeth Removal in S. Jordan UT: Jeneil’s Daughter

By July 21, 2017Reviews

“My oldest daughter was about to graduate from high school, and she wanted to be able to get her wisdom teeth out. She just had one, and so we were recommended to come down here. It was very smooth, she had a very quick recovery, and it was a very easy process for her. Dr. Park in South Jordan, UT,  was very knowledgeable, and the staff made her feel very at ease and comfortable in the end, so it went very well. As a mom, it is very helpful to know that you are going to have a good staff that’s going to see you through this because this wasn’t something that I had done before, so it was helpful to have a good staff and a good doctor to see them through to the end. Even when it was all said and done, about 24 hours later, my daughter received a delivery of flowers, so that was kind of a cool thing to see that they would be thinking of our daughter afterwards.”

– Jeneil